Travelling for team building

Travelling for team building

Managing a team can prove incredibly challenging especially if the team members work like a collection of individuals as opposed to working like a cohesive group. To build a strong and confident team within your organization, you can choose to travel and have fun together outside you normal environment. To travel for a team building trips, below are some of team building activities that will inspire your members and inject a perfect dose of productivity and morale into your business.

Alaskan Baseball

This is a team building game demands an intense physical activity designed to help teams develop collaboration and coordination skills. This game requires a group big enough to divide members into two smaller groups in order for them to compete. Using a ridiculous and fun item such as rubber chicken, Team X will throw the selected item as far as possible on the other hand Team Y passes the item back to the starting line. The participants can be a group of different sizes with a minimum of 10 people.

All Aboard

If you are searching for a classic team-building moment to help promote collaboration and group support, All Aboard might be a perfect choice. The group is challenged in this exercise to support physically one another in a decreasing physical space. You will need some material to demark the boundary just like in A Shrinking Vessel explored above. The equipment you will need are; a tarpaulin or small platforms and a 10 feet of rope for making a circle. The participants can be a group of different sizes with a minimum of 5 people.

Amoeba Race

Amoeba Race is a simple exercise that involves close physical contact. This game is designed to help foster group cooperation and cohesion. The members form Amoeba with its three: protoplasm, nucleus and cell wall. Then the team travels and splits into two amoebas, then the amoeba have a race. The participants can be a group of different sizes with a minimum of 6 people. No equipment is required for this exercise.


Team building trips can be very rewarding if done effectively. There are many activities that a team can indulge in in order to foster cooperation of the team. Remember after memorable outdoor activities the group can explore attractive beaches on boat trips and travel depending on their number and the size of the boats.